Herazi porcelain teeth – American standards for Vietnamese


To bring 5 star quality, making porcelain teeth service, Amuse is indispensable the experts who have in-depth knowledge about dentistry in the country and abroad.
The combine between the essence of modern medicine in the world and the in-depth knowledge about the oral health of Vietnamese of the experts in the country will bring the best quality to customers.
Experts from Japan
Amuse co-operates with top experts in Japan who are  Dr. Otomo and … They who  have in depth-knowledge about cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics will bring the values of  the dentistry in the world to Vietnamese.
Dr. Omoto    Katshuhiro
   - Is Doctor of Dental Surgery in Japan
   - Have 10 years of experiences in Endodontics and making porcelain teeth in the Japan national hospital.
   - Have 1 year of working on shaping, making porcelain teeth in  Ha Noi Stomatological Hospital in Viet Nam.
   - Is working as collaborators making porcelain teeth in Amuse.
Expert Sotoyama
Have 30 years in making porcelain teeth and shaping the teeth in Japan. He has 5 years of working in Vietnam, studying on the material of making porcelain teeth to give the best dental ceramic which is suitable with the different situations of customers
Excellent experts from Vietnam
Each country has  different characteristics of teeth. Therefore, Amuse is indispensable the experts in the country who can know about the situation of Vietnamese’s teeth: Reasons, the root causes of issues which their teeth have,… The experts in the country combines with the experts abroad bring the best and the most modern values to customers.
Dr. Nguyen Tien Thuong
   - Graduated from Hai Phong medical university
   - 7 years of working in shaping the teeth and cosmetic dentistry in Bach Mai hospital.
   - Is the doctor in Amuse dental clinic.
Expert Luu Xuan Phuc
   - 5 years of experience of caring for the oral health.
   - Is an expert adjusting the gums, making porcelain teeth.
The young experts who have the passion for dentistry
Amuse co- operates with not only the experts in the country and abroad but also young experts. This brings the desire to learn new knowledge, technology and inclination to bring the best and most modern values.