Herazi porcelain teeth – American standards for Vietnamese


Amuse always innovates our systems and updates the latest technology in the world. It is an important element which creates “STEEL PROCEDURE” and is USA standards.
1. Modern chairs for making teeth
2.  Teeth whitening machine with the newest laser technology, which can help the teeth have color retention during 2 years.
3.  Mobile X-ray technology
Produce X-ray results quickly in just 5 seconds, customers do not need to take a film from the outside
4.  System of steamers, sterilizers
After each shift to make teeth, the tools will be put into the system of autoclave, dry clean sterilization. Ensure absolute hygiene for customers.
5. Collaborate with Labo Detec
Detec is evaluated as one of reputable units providing products and services of dental restorations. Detec is also is one of members of the American Dental Association and certificated by FDA.Detec has 18 years of experiences about researching, improving and applying high quality materials and the most modern dental technology to dental products.
Thanks for the team of technicians having 20 years of experience in the country and abroad, the products of Detec always have the international standards which are  ISO 9001 quality management. The products of Detec are not only highly appreciated in the country, but also meet the rigorous standards of the most difficult markets over the world such as: American, Canada, European countries, Japan and Korea.