Herazi porcelain teeth – American standards for Vietnamese


A” which is the first letter in the alphabet is used by the whole world. It implies that the quality of AMUSE is the international high quality from the most difficult market- a USA standard for Vietnamese.

A” is also implies that AMUSE is the first dental clinic in Viet Nam taking care of the emotion of customers.
We built dental clinic in vintage style with plants, light aroma of essential oils, melodious music which can make the dental care to be like a comfortable outing.
“AMUSE” means causing someone to find something funny. With an aspiration being giving happy smiles to customers, we welcome and serve customers. Each customer is our new inspiration every day.

AMUSE- More than smiles 

“More than smiles” .......is.........joyful           

                                            ........ happy

                                            ........ sending love