Herazi porcelain teeth – American standards for Vietnamese


With the efforts  of bringing HEALTHY – CLEAN- BEAUTIFUL  teeth to customers and the high quality service,  Amuse became the best choice for the most picky customers.
1. Experts, dentists and assistants have many years of experiences
To bring a high quality cosmetic service, Amuse is indispensable the experts who have in-depth knowledge about dentistry in the country and abroad.
Amuse co-operates with top experts in Japan, Netherlands,… and the experts in the country who have more than 10 years of experience.  The cooperation between the quintessence of modern health care system in the world and the in-depth knowledge  about the oral issues will bring the best values to customers.
Experts, dentists, assistants and consultants in Amuse 
2. The standard procedure contains 6 steps from examining to completing
“Do not shorten stages, do not compromise mistakes” is a rule in every action of Amuse. Amuse applies the standard procedure containing 6 steps from examining to completing and periodic care for the customer used our services.
Step 1: Examine and consult
Step 2: Clean and treat the dental diseases
Step 3: Grind the enamel and get the traces of teeth
Step 4: Make porcelain teeth of the lower teeth and grind the enamel of upper teeth
Step 5: Making porcelain teeth for upper teeth
     Step 6: The final examination: bite, gum,…
The procedure of making porcelain teeth in Amuse 
3. The porcelain teeth have verified origin, meets the standards to export to USA market. Lifetime warranty
Amuse does not use cheap porcelain teeth, only use high quality porcelain teeth such as Herazi porcelain teeth meeting the standards to export to USA market, E.max of Germany,…
Bringing a smile to customers:
         - Beautiful shape
         - Strong teeth, ensure chewing function
         - Clean and fresh
4. Dental clinic has operational license  by the health department
Amuse meets the standards of sterile and modern machines, standard wastewater treatment system.
Infrastructures, modern machines meet the standards of Health Service 
Amuse international joint stock company
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