Herazi porcelain teeth – American standards for Vietnamese


Post a date: 01/07/2017
Amuse uses  the modern  multi- orthodontics technology from USA, German, Korea, Japan, Italy, which is suitable for the situations ‘s teeth of each person. This brings effects quickly and exactly.
At present, Amuse Aesthetic Dental Clinic has 3 types of braces:
+ Mental braces: A common type of braces
+ Porcelain and crystal braces: having higher aesthetics, are used by more people to restrict the exposure of braces during orthodontics
+ Braces on the inside (Lingual Braces)
Based on the situations of teeth, the difficulties of the aesthetic and the aesthetic needs of customers, experts will choose the most suitable braces for customers. 

Who should use the orthodontics with braces ?
+ Buck teeth, retrusion,
      + Crooked teeth
      + Inverted, irregular teeth
      + Bite defects
The best time to wear braces
+ Children from 11 to 12 years old
      + The girl being under 28 years old and the boy being under 24 years old can  use the orthodontics. However, the time for orthodontics is longer.
The values you receive in Amuse

The various, flexible orthodotic  technology 
In Amuse, we do not apply any stable technology in braces. We use multi-technology of German, USA, Korea, Japan and Switzerland.
Based on the situation of teeth, experts will choose the suitable braces for the customers. There are the orthodotic cases being taken samples from Korea, the orthodotic cases being taken samples of braces from USA and Switzerland, the simple cases which only need to use braces producing in Viet Nam. We always  strive to provide the best orthodontic treatment for our patients
Modern technology of creating braces 
Teeth can move accurately
Because we use exact technology in the start, experts in Amuse will adjust your teeth exactly as they were originally intended 
Braces do not fall off during the process of wearing braces
Using highly and modern technology helps braces to distribute traction equally, not to fall off, to reduce the friction and helps the teeth move equally. 
Do not weaken  teeth after the braces
The impact of braces on the teeth is very gentle and clever that helps the teeth have the time to be stable. Therefore, the teeth are not weaken after braces. 
The proceduce  of  applying braces in Amuse:
Step 1: Examine, CT scans, consult
Experts implement general examination, CT scans to define the structure of
jaw bone, the density of teeth, the height of the bone. These steps are to determine the situation of the teeth and chose the most suitable braces for customers.
Step 2: Make plans for treatment
Based on the situation of teeth, experts will create a regimen to treat in detail and suitable treatment time.
Step 3: Take the trace of teeth, design the braces
Take the trace of teeth by silicon, and transfer to Labo of the country of production to design braces.
Step 4: Getting braces on
Experts get braces on the teeth, tie elastic bands to create traction, use special mini implant to pull the teeth to the desired position for special cases.
Step 5: Periodontal examination during orthodontic process
Experts will give the time for periodic re-examination to customers
Step 6: Complete 
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