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Post a date: 30/06/2017
Orthodontic with Invisalign (Orthodontic with Invisalign transparent plastic tray) is the most modern at the current time in orthodontic. It is considered as a method of braces having the highest aesthetics. It does not expose braces when people communicate during the braces process.
Orthodontics with Invisalign include two types:
Type 1: Is imported from Korea, Italy, German
Type 2: Is plastic tray for basic orthodontics cases 
- Buck teeth, retrusion
- Crooked teeth
- Bite defect at a mild level (The complexible bite defect cases must use braces).
The process is absolutely precise
Amuse do not use manual methods to implement orthodontic with Invisalign. We use a digital Invisalign system to have an absolutely precise process.
Customers must take Parnorama film and get the trace of teeth. After that, Amuse gives the photos of  Parnorama film and the trace of teeth to software of  Invisalign. The system will analysis the structure of jaw bone, the situation of teeth to give precise process.  Customers have previewed the results of the orthodontic. 
Software analysises and gives the quantity of the process, the number of plastic trays.
Using the various technology 
Orthodontic with invisalign in Amuse uses the multi-technology of Korea, USA, German, Switzerland, and Viet Nam which are suitable for the different cases of customers to have the most optimal results.
To be more confident in the process of orthodontic 
Orthodontic uses transparent plastic tray that helps  you not to expose the braces and to be more confident and communicate during the process of orthodontic. 
To be more confident in the process of orthodontic
Do not cause uncomfortable feeling during the process of orthodontics 
We use high-quality transparent plastic trays importing from Italy, German and Korea… These trays are divided into many levels with the different levels of softness that help people to be comfortable.
At the beginning, it is a clammy and a transparent plastic trays that helps you get used to wearing the transparent trays. Gradually, the level of hardness of trays increases until the end of orthodontic process. 
High-quality and soft plastic trays help customers avoid uncomfortable feeling
Minimize the number of visits to the dentists 
Orthodontics with invisalign is analysed in exactly the same way. Therefore, you do not need to be carefully monitored as orthodontics with braces. You only need to have re-examination once a month or every other month.
The procedure of orthodontics with Invisalign
Step 1: The experts examine, consult the situation of teeth, treat the diseases, ask the customer to capture the film and take the traces the teeth. 
Step 2: Put the film onto the software system, analyze and find the making plastic tray process, the quantity of trays, the time of orthodontic. 
Step 3: Based on the analyzed datas, send the samples to clinics in Korea, Germany, Italy or Viet Nam (according the requires of customers) to design the plastic trays.
Step 4: After 2 weeks, experts guide how to wear trays and give the trays numbered that helps the customers to remove it by themselves if they want. 
Step 5: The process of monitoring orthodontic
After wearing braces 1-2 months, customers will come back for a follow-up visit. Experts will examine and get the trace of the movement ‘s teeth. This step is repeated until the completion of orthodontics  
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