Herazi porcelain teeth – American standards for Vietnamese


Post a date: 18/07/2017
PRemovable dental restorations  are  named as “denture” that is mainly used for the elderly. Denture replaces for losing some teeth or losing all the teeth.
The structure of denture includes background made from acrylic plastic or alloy, teeth made from plastic or ceramic. It not only supports the chewing function, but also raises the muscles of the lips, cheeks and  avoid the wrinkle.
Is divided into 2 types:
- Hard plastic denture
- Soft plastic denture 
Be designed to fit into the mouth, replace all the losing teeth on the jaw, cover the gums and the bones.
Partial dentures has the main material being metal or 
titan alloy.The denture is designed to be attached to the teeth. Therefore, partial denture can restore more effectively chewing function than plastic dentures.Partial dentures are suitable for the people who lose single teeth and other teeth are steady.
Comparing with plastic denture, partial dentures have some advantages:+ Less broken+ Easy to clean, do not create halitosis after a long time to use+ Do not have the uncomfortable feel like wearing the plastic removable denture+ Strong chewing  force and bite force 
Removable denture is bulky in the first days of wearing. Therefore, it needs some time for the  lips, checks to be familiar with the new denture.
At the first time, you should eat soft food and chew gently in 8 days
After meals, you should remove denture to wash, use soap to wash, should not use toothpaste because it can be abraded.
New denture can create an uncomfortable feel but you should not repair and have to wear it one day at least before visiting dentists to adjust.
In the evening, after brushing the teeth, you should remove and soak the denture in clean water.
Dentures should be renewed after 3-5 years of using when it does not have high adhesion.