Herazi porcelain teeth – American standards for Vietnamese


Post a date: 18/07/2017
Amuse uses implants that are  imported from Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Germany and USA,… with the material such as pure titan. These materials are absolutely compatible with the jaw.
Implanting in Amuse takes technology as the core: Sending films of customers to manufacturers in abroad. The manufacturers will based on those films to design the exact implant being suitable for each person. 
1. Have various technologies
Amuse co-operates with a lot of the most famous implant brands to give flexible choice for each customer. Each type of implant is suitable for the situations of customers to create the best results.
2. Absolute compatibility
Implants are designed exactly, based on  the modern manufacturing implant technology. Every technique to implant are only based on films so it is very exact. Experts only base on the films to implant for customers.
3. Durable and help you feel like real teeth
Using pure titan, the grooves of the screws help the blood flow well and stick to the real teeth that help people feel like real teeth.
4. Short time treatment
Because implants are designed carefully from the manufacturers who using the most modern technology. Therefore, the duties of experts are more basic. The implanting procedure takes place about 15-20 minutes.
5. High longevity
Implanting in Amuse uses modern technology, ingredient is pure titan having higher  bio-compatibility and being harmony with the jaw bone. Therefore, longevity is high and customers can use permanently.
Step 1: Experts require customers to take blood tests and CT scan for teeth
If the patients have blood clotting disease and diabetes, they can not perform implanting
Step 2: Experts will send films, the traces of teeth to manufacturers of implants
Step 3: After having the samples of implants from the manufacturers, experts will perform implant.
- Overall oral hygiene
- Anesthetize the position of implanting to ensure that the customers
- Experts slit the gums and implant. After that, experts clog by healing ( If screw is small, experts do not need to clog).
Step 4: Put on the porcelain teeth
After 4-6 months, put on the porcelain teeth on implants.