Herazi porcelain teeth – American standards for Vietnamese


Post a date: 18/07/2017
Endodontic treatment is an important method treating inflamed  pulp and protecting the natural teeth, avoiding the situation of losing teeth. 
Step 1: Examine and consult
Experts will perform general examination, take the films of the inflamed teeth to determine the situation of inflammation. Experts will examine directly  the pulp to know the  difficulty of treatment.  After that, they will notify the procedure of treatments for customers.
Step 2: Clean the mouth, anesthetize
Experts perform to clean the mouth, anesthetize the inflamed teeth, isolate the teeth that need to be treated from the saliva by rubber bandages. This step ensured that the teeth are treated in a dry and  clean environment.
Step 3: Open the pulp canal and take the pulp
Firstly, experts open the pulp canal. After that, they will use the tools to open the pulp canal and take the pulp and bacteria inside of the teeth.
Step 4: Filling the pulp canal
After cleaning the teeth, experts will insert gutta in the pulp canal and fill with  cement.
It is noticed that after endodontic treatment, the teeth is died teeth so it is fragile and colored in a long time. Therefore, to ensure that the teeth are not broken, do not affect to other teeth and keep the root of teeth, customers should make porcelain teeth after endodontic treatment.
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