Post a date: 11/07/2017
Having bright smiles with Herazi dental ceramic in AMUSE clinic
Making ceramic teeth in AMUSE follows a “STEEL PROCEDURE ”which have USA standards, the most modern technology in the world, highly skilled dentists. These factors can help you to have the ceramic teeth, which is not only beautiful but also healthy. In addition, you also get a lifetime warranty in AMUSE clinic.
1. Who should use making porcerlain teeth services ?
Making porcerlain teeth is a perfect choice for cases:
+ Crooked teeth
+ Cracked, broken teeth
+ Slight bucktoothed
+ Bad enamel, yellowed teeth, the teeth being contaminated with lead,...
+ Losing the root of teeth, making dental bridges.
2.  Five advantages of AMUSE in making porcerlain teeth to help fastidious customers to be satisfied
The first clinic applying “STEEL PROCEDURE” which have USA standards.
We do not shorten stages. You can only know about making porcerlain procedure in 2 days. However, in AMUSE, you experience a strict process lasting 7 days with 5 main steps to create  equally spaced teeth beautiful and healthy.
+ A painless and safe cosmetic surgery
Applying the machines and technology from the USA. Thanks to highly skilled dentists having skillful anesthesia, making ceramic procedure  is safe and painless.
+  Estheticians having in-depth knowledge
In AMUSE, both  cosmetic dentistry experts and making ceramic teeth experts who  have in-depth knowledge can create perfect ceramic teeth.
Only using high quality Herazi dental ceramic which is exclusive and  from USA.
The high quality Herazi dental ceramic is exclusive and  from USA. Zirconia ribs contains diamond molecules which can help teeth to have hardness and comprehensive bio-compatibility.
In particular, the enamel layer outside contains crystal quartz which can help teeth  to be bright, in harmony with the colors of the gums, lips and have a natural beauty.
Lifetime warranty
The porcerlain teeth having 5 star international standards are  guaranteed for life by AMUSE.
3. Making porcerlain teeth procedure in AMUSE
Step 1: Examine and consult
Eperts  perform a routine dental checkup to know the oral health status of customers. If customers have some dental diseases such as: broken pulp, decayed teeth, periodontitis,…, these diseases will be treated before making ceramic teeth.
Following this, basing on the status of oral health, experts will consult in detail about the methods of making porcerlain teeth, the types of dental ceramic and the shape of the porcerlain teeth being suitable for each individual.
Step 2: Clean and treat dental diseases
Removing tartar and treating gingivitis before making porcerlain teeth.
Step 3: Grind the enamel and get the traces of teeth
Experts adjust the enamel of the lower teeth and get the traces of teeth with silicon send Labo (Based on the traces of teeth to design ceramic teeth). In 2 days to complete porcelain teeth, customers have temporary teeth to eat.
Step 4: Make porcerlain teeth of the lower teeth and grind the enamel of upper teeth
Two days after the first teeth grinding, customer returned to make porcerlain  teeth of the lower teeth and grind the enamel of upper teeth. Experts get the traces of teeth and make temporary teeth for the upper teeth in then same way they did for the lower teeth.
Step 5: Making porcerlain teeth for upper teeth
Experts make porcerlain teeth for upper teeth and examine the tightness of the teeth, bite-management considerations to ensure precision. Experts will schedule a re-examination for the patients.
Step 6: The final examination
The final examination will take place 1 week after making porcerlain teeth. 
Herazi dental ceramic -USA standard for Vietnamese