Post a date: 11/07/2017
The pasting porcelain veneer is the most effective method in the recent years, which can help you have a perfect ceramic teeth, but losing a lot of the enamel of teeth.
1. Who should use the pasting porcelain services ? 
Pasting porcelain is a method being better making porcelain crown because it only grinds  a little bit of the enamel of teeth. However,  not everyone can use this method because it is used in these cases:
  + Equally spaced teeth
  + White enamel
  + Thin teeth
  + Broken,  sparse teeth.
2. The advantages of pasting porcelain Veneer in AMUSE
+ Grind  a little bit of the enamel of teeth
Pasting porcelain Veneer only grind  the outer layer of the tooth so the real teeth are kept almost completely. It is a reason why a lot of customers using this method. However, only people who have equally spaced, white, thin, and sparse teeth should use this method. Thethickness of the grinding teeth depends on the different status of teeth
Pasting porcelain Veneer only grind a thin layer of tooth surface
+ Is performed safely and exactly by experts
In fact, pasting porcelain Veneer is a difficult method. Both calculating the rate of tooth grinding and creating thin teeth are performed meticulously. This method is more difficult than making porcelain crown. However, these steps are performed exactly and perfectly by experts of AMUSE.
+ Perfect stickiness
Porcelain Veneer is thin, so it is easy for the edge of gums to be exposed and the Porcelain Veneer to be dropped out. These cases can take place if pasting porcelain Veneer method is performed by low-skilled dentists and use the low quality dental ceramic. In AMUSE, you do not need to worry about these cases because the highly skilled dentists will bring to you a healthy, beautiful and perfect  teeth.
+ Lifetime warranty
The pasted porcelain Veneer teeth, which are 5 star standard are guaranteed for life by AMUSE.
3. Pasting porcelain Veneer procedure 
The pasting porcelain Veneer procedure is similar to making porcelain crown (making ceramic teeth) procedure. It is a “steel procedure” which have USA standards and includes these steps: 
Step 1: Examine and consult
- Experts will perform a routine dental checkup to know the oral health status of customers. If customers have some dental diseases such as: broken pulp, decayed teeth, periodontitis,…, these diseases will be treated before making ceramic teeth.
- Following this, basing on the status of oral health, experts will consult in detail about the methods of making ceramic teeth, the types of dental ceramic and the shape of the ceramic teeth being suitable for each individual.
Step 2: Clean and treat dental diseases
Removing tartar and treating gingivitis before making ceramic teeth.
Step 3: Grind the enamel and get the traces of teeth
Experts adjust the enamel of the lower teeth and get the traces of teeth with silicon to send Labo (Based on the traces of teeth to design ceramic teeth). In 2 days to complete porcelain teeth, customers have temporary teeth to eat.
Step 4: Make ceramic teeth of the lower teeth and grind the enamel of upper teeth
Two days after the first teeth grinding, customer returned to make ceramic teeth of the lower teeth and grind the enamel of upper teeth. Experts get the traces of teeth and make temporary teeth for the upper teeth in then same way they did for the lower teeth.
Step 5: Making ceramic teeth for upper teeth
Experts make ceramic teeth for upper teeth and examine the tightness of the teeth, bite-management considerations to ensure precision. Experts will schedule a re-examination for the patients.
Step 6: The final examination
The final examination will take place 1 week after making ceramic teeth.