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Post a date: 16/03/2018
The demand of making porcelain teeth is increasing in modern society. However, each person has the different demands and conditions. Besides the high quality porcelain teeth aforementioned in other posts such as Herazi, E.max, D-max, Ceramill, Cercon,... Amuse dental clinic will share the information of other kind of porcelain teeth, helping the customer to have a suitable choice.
Roland porcelain teeth have the Zirconia rib and are covered by Noritake porcelain layers as the other kinds of porcelain teeth. Roland porcelian teeth create the high aesthetic and the bio-compability in Acidic environment.
The advantages of Roland porcelain teeth
+ Clarity, relative illumination. Although the figure for  Roland is smaller than the figure for E.max and Herazi porcelain teeth, it does not expose the inner rib.
+ Safe for the oral health in particular and the human health in general, does not create the allergies.
+ This tooth has strong compressive strength when people chew
+ Affordable  price
Roland porcelain has clarity and illumination 
The disadvantages of Roland porcelain teeth
+ The longevity is smaller than the figure for the other high quality porcelain teeth such as Herazi and E.max.
+ Does not apply for Veneer
Venus is the modern porcelain tooth and are made by CAD/CAM technology that is the most modern technology at the current time. It is structured from 100% materials of the famous dental groups in the USA.
The advantages of Venus porcelain teeth
+ Completely bio-compatibility, safe for the oral health
+ Does not create the black gum line after the aesthetic
+ Affordable  price
The disadvantages of Venus porcelain teeth
+ Low hardness (about 300-400 mpa) whereas the figure for Ceramill porcelain teeth is 900 mpa and the figure for Herazi is 1200 mpa
+ The level of whiteness is smaller than the figure for other high quality porcelain teeth
+ Low longevity (about 6-10 years whereas this figure for Ceramill is over 20 years and the figure for E.max and Herazi is over 30 years)
+ The level of griding the enamel is bigger than the figure for other porcelain teeth because the Venus crown is thick .
+ Because of thickness, Venus does not apply for the Veneer method  as the other porcelain teeth such as E.max and Herazi.
Venus porcelain teeth are thick so experts have to grind a lot of enamel 
Similarly to the metal porcelain teeth, the high noble metal porcelain teeth also have the rib being metal or alloy. Surrounding the metal rib is the porcelain layer to ensure the aesthetic and the chewing function as natural teeth. The special feature of high noble metal porcelain is that the rib is made of metal such as gold, platin, paladium,…This is the special feature creating the safety and aesthetic of high noble metal porcelain.
The advantages of high noble metal porcelain
+ High bio-compatibility: High noble metal is the material that is not oxidated in acidic enviroment. While the metal porcelain teeth can cause allergic reactions to people having sensitive disposition.
+ High longevity: The high noble metal porcelain teeth have high longevity,according to the mental porcelain teeth (about 15 years).
+ The color: The color is very natural and have iridescent yellow inside. When the light shines, we do not see the gray, black as the metal porcelain teeth.
+ High anti-inflammatory properties: High noble has anti-inflammatory properties, protects the oral from the causes of diseases.
+ Good bearing capacity: High noble metal porcelain teeth are hard and durable. Therefore, the bearing capacity of high noble metal porcelain  is also high.
High noble metal porcelain has the aesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties
The disadvantages of high noble metal porcelain
+ Although the high noble metal porcelain restricts the disadvantages of metal porcelain teeth, the level of aesthetic and the bio-compatibility are smaller than the figures for other non-metal porcelain teeth such as E.max, Herazi,...
+ The price of high noble metal porcelain is similar to the price of non-metal porcelain teeth. Besides, the price of high noble metal porcelain teeth based on the the price of gold and precious metal on the market.
+ A disadvantage of high noble metal porcelain is not applicable to Veneer method because high noble metal porcelain teeth contain two separate factors (metal rib and porcelain). Whereas, Veneer is very thin.
Semi-precious metal porcelainalso hasteeth structure being same as the structure of high noble metal porcelain: The rib and the porcelain. The rib is mixed between alloys and precious metal.
The mixing ratio of semi-precious metal porcelain
The semi-precious metal porcelain contains:
+ 40-49 % precious metal is Gold
+ The other alloys in the rib of semi-precious metal porcelain include:  Paladi (29%), Iridi (0.1%), Ag (17,5%)…
Because the ratio of gold is biggest, the rib of semi-precious metal porcelain is yellow like the high noble metal. The color of semi-precious metal porcelain is iridescent yellow like the color of high noble metal porcelain.
The advantages of semi-precious metal porcelain
+Bio-compability: Semi-precious metal porcelain is the compound of gold and some safe alloys that are  compatible with body. Therefore, semi-precious metal porcelain does not create any allergies.
+ Color: Although the color of semi- precious metal porcelain is not clarity like the color of high-quality non-metal porcelain teeth, the color of semi-precious metal porcelain teeth is natural and harmonious like the real teeth.
+ Anti-inflammatory properties: Because semi-precious metal porcelain teeth  contain gold that have anti-inflammatory properties, semi-preciuos metal porcelain can protect real teeth from factors affecting the oral health. 
+ Hardness: The compound between gold and the other alloys has high hardness that can remain chewing function. However, the hardness of semi-precious metal porcelain teeth is smaller than the figure for high noble metal porcelain teeth that have the rib made by pure precious metal.
Semi-precious metal porcelain is safe and compatible with body 
The disadvantages of semi-precious metal porcelain
+ The aesthetic is not perfect like non-metal porcelain teeth, but the price of semi-precious metal porcelain is equal to the price of some porcelain teeth such as Roland, Venus, Cercon,…
+ Does not apply for Veneer
Titan porcelain teeth have the rib made by Titan alloy and covered by porcelain layer. Titan is the safe material for human. It hardly creates allergies, so it is often used in the medical industry.
The advantages of Titan porcelain teeth 
+ Light, hard (the figure for hardness is 420mpa, is double this figure for natural teeth)
+ Glossy surface, resists the forces such as twisting, compression, tearing
+ The price of Titan porcelain teeth is cheap, according to the price of the other dental crown.
Disadvantages of Titan porcelain teeth
+ After using in a long time, Titan can create allergies and black gum lines. However, the allergy level of Titan is smaller than the allergy level of metal porcelain teeth.
+ The color of Titan is not clarity like the color of the high-quality non-metal porcelain teeth such as E.max Herazi, Cercon.
+ Only apply for dental crow that does not apply for Veneer
Titan porcelain teeth does not have high aesthetic and longevity like the non-metal porcelain teeth 
Co-Cr dental alloy is one of metal porcelain teeth, contains two parts: The inner rib made of Cr-Co alloy hasthe high strength and heat resistance; the porcelain hasglossiness and the color likes the color of natural teeth. However, the aesthetic and bio-compatibility of Co-Cr alloy porcerlain teeth are not worth comparing with the aesthetic and the bio-compatibility  of non-metal porcelain teeth. 
The advantages of Co-Cr dental alloy 
+ With the cheap price, the quality of Co-Cr dental alloy is acceptable, the color of Co-Cr alloy is natural and harmonious.
+ For the first 3 years of using, Co-Cr dental alloy does not create allergies in the oral cavity. Therefore, this kind of dental crown is suitable for the check tooth of elders who not have the demands of aesthetic. The cheek tooth of elders can be applied this kind of dental crown because of saving money and remaining the chewing function.
+ The hardness of Co-Cr dental alloy ensures that people can chew the foods being not too hard.
+ The price is cheap. Therefore, this kind of Co-Cr dental alloy is suitable for the customers who do not have the financial conditions to use high quality non-metal porcelain teeth.
The disadvantages of Co-Cr dental alloy
+ After a long time of using about  years, Co-Cr dental alloy will create allergies with the sensitive disposition. The situation of allergies can be: Bleeding gums, inflamed gums, black gums,...
+ Have to avoid completely  the cold, hot, hard food to maintain the longevity of dental crown
+ The color is not clarity and bright as high noble mental porcelain and non-metal porcelain teeth. When the light shines, people can see the grey of rib.
+ Short longevity (about 3-5 years)
+ Do not apply Veneer methods
Because of these disadvantages, the Co-Cr is only suitable for the elders who have the demands of maintaining the chewing function of cheek tooth in 3-5 years.
The Co-Cr dental alloy is only suitable for the teeth that do not require high aesthetic and longevity 
No matter what kind of porcelain teeth you use, making dental crown and using Veneer method have to be performed by modern machines. Amuse dental clinic commit to providing the porcelain teeth having origin and the modern machines that bring the most highest quality services to customers.
In Amuse, you do not worry about the hygiene and the aesthetic of making dental crown service. The procedure of making porcelain teeth in Amuse is standard and meticulous. 
The "Steel" procedure of making dental crown in Amuse 
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